Charlotte Commercial Real Estate Services

Terracon Consultants

Holly Alexanderoffice case study

Challenge: In 2016 we were hired by Terracon Consultants, Inc. to find a free-standing building with a layout that would create synergy between their business units, space for materials testing, and extensive vehicle parking. Solution:The tight market led us to an industrial building that had recently been purchased by a local investor. The building met our geographic parameters but would …

Charlotte Commercial Real Estate Services

Level Office

Kenny Smithoffice case study

Challenge:Locate a 20,000-40,000 sqf, free-standing building that is at most 30% occupied in Uptown Charlotte for Level Office, a co-working company, during a high-demand market. Solution:We performed in-depth analysis on client operations and desired outcomes to discover the most practical and economically sound solution possible. The tight market led us to a 22,000 square foot, aged office building with inefficient …