New South Properties - Hickory Tavern

A Chance Encounter

Dale HallNews

I met Tommy Hager, owner of Hickory Tavern, at Holden Beach in the summer of 2004.

We bumped into each other by total coincidence at a waterfront restaurant and after a few minutes started talking business. One conversation led to another and it ended with Tommy asking me to call him when we got back to Charlotte to discuss his business and growth plans in more detail. After our meeting in Charlotte he engaged us to represent him. At that time Tommy had three restaurants, but he was looking to expand across the city. Using our local knowledge and real estate expertise, we helped Tommy and his partner grow their business to more than 25 stores across the Carolinas.

We used our reputation in the market to bring credibility to Tommy, his partner Brad, and Hickory Tavern by opening doors and creating opportunities that would not have existed otherwise. We also helped them negotiate the best possible leases, and educated them on areas in North and South Carolina that they hadn’t previously considered. Tommy and Brad sold a portion of their company to private equity, but we still represent Hickory Tavern and consult with them on real estate related decisions. We also helped Tommy grow another restaurant that he started with his son–Charbar #7.

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